Experiences – Unveil the real travel
Let's make an unscheduled stop....., let's immerse in this fair on the roadside……., let's get lost in the old quarter of Varanasi....., let's teach the kids in this village school....., let's explore behind the monument....., let's go where no one does, into the unknown, of course!

Travel is changing. As humans and travelers we thrive in pushing boundaries, be it emotional, physical or geographical. We strongly believe that today's luxury and sophisticated traveler wants more than just fancy hotels and over-commoditized and beaten track offerings. We eagerly try to provide you life changing experiences which are beyond the tourist hotspots. Something that is going to create memories for ever and going to change you forever, something that will move you and connect you to the places seen, something definitely Impactful.

Be it our careful selection of wildlife parks, our links with the tribes in Rajasthan to see their life through their eyes, or our relationships with the erstwhile Royalties in India who have their own life stories to tell our traveler; come celebrate the Era of Experiential Travel with Rventures in South Asia.
Elephant Polo – A feat to trumpet about
Let other people play at other things, but the King of games is still the Game of Kings. We take you for this royal sport at a camp in the wilderness, in the foothills of the Aravali hills and right outside the pink city of Jaipur. As you arrive the pachyderms welcome you and you get them energized and ready by feeding them a few bananas.

Elephant polo, an innovation of eccentric imaginations was started by the royalty in India. As you enter the camp, everything is ready: Elephants and Mahouts in their colorful gears, the long polo sticks, the drummers and the Champagne. An exceptional experience for you when you get involved in the "Pachyderm Powerhouse performance". Even if you are a novice, the mahouts assist you at any step of the game and make it an easy task. Cheer and celebrate with the sounds of the battle drums as you shoot the ball into the goal post.
Elephant Safari at Dera Amer/Jet Set Jumbo/Tally Ho Jumbo
Dera Amer, sitiuated behind the hills of the famous Amber fort, is the quiet wilderness camp. Spend a wonderful evening in leisure and royal regalia as the decorated elephants are waiting to welcome you on arrival. Feed a few bananas and experience their liking for you. Get ready for a magical sunset safari, as you are seated in comfort on the elephant howdah (saddle). The safari takes you through the Aravali forests surrounding the camp, as one passes through hutments, hills, fields and ancient monuments, abundant birdlife and a rare wild animal too. Enroute relish a glass of wine as you ride sitting on top of the world.
Culinary experiences (cooking classes) – Royal Kitchen surfing
We invite you to come, learn and celebrate century old recipes and dishes that will satisfy the most discerning palates.

Join one of the royal families of Rajasthan for a fun evening in their home kitchen for hands on Indian cooking class concentrating on some of the local delicacies of the region. Food of this region is an integral part of travelling here as one realizes that the ingredients being chosen are according to the local climate and culture and distinct from other places, and certain to tantalize your taste buds. Get ready for a sumptuous Indian table with the family, your hosts, as you chat with them on stories from their royal past and days of the Raj.
Bollywood workshop – A date with Bollywood
India is obsessed with its Bollywod, the biggest film industry in the world. The Glitz, the glam, the masala movies, the melodrama, the musicals and the aspirational lifestyles portrayed on screen took the masses by storm several decades ago and the craze is only getting stronger. Recently this industry has become a global phenomenon with movies like "Slumdog Millionaire", bringing Bollywood to the living rooms of the west.

We feel that for movie affectionados, adding a bollywood experience to your travel can really enhance the experience. Get to learn some bollywod and bhangra moves, wearing colourful dance outfits and with coinbelts jangling and hands twirling elegantly. This workshop will definitely be colourful and fun and make you learn some new moves. If you happen to be in Mumbai, the film city, then we can easily add a drive around the film studios and the mansions of the heartthrobs of Bollywood.
Interact with an astrologer – Zodiacs unplugged/Journey of a Soul
Astrology in India is a journey towards the enlightenment of the mind and the soul. Here from birth till death the role of Astrology is inestimable, right from the name giving ceremony to the last rites and from marriage to career decisions, everything is decided on the basis of astrology and position of the planets.

Since two thousand years astrology has been studied hand in hand with astronomy. It was for this reason that the Maharaja of Jaipur in the early 18th century established five observatories for studying both subjects across the length and breadth of India.

For those interested it can be a rewarding experience, and we will arrange for you an hour's session with one of the most experienced astrologers. Our astrologer's purpose is not about making future predictions that scares many of the western travelers. It's more about interpretation of your personality that will validate and explain your life experiences, clarify your soul's purpose and shed light on areas of your life that hold great potential but are lying unfulfilled.
Boat ride with musicians in Varanasi – Slowly down the Ganges
A boatride in Varanasi casts a magical spell as one floats past the rituals of life and death on its Ghats. One sees pilgrims and sadhus waist deep in chilling waters, and people doing yoga and meditation. Being one of the oldest cities in the world, this is sure to take you back in time. Varanasi and classical music are inseparable.

In this city which gave birth to music maestros like Pandit Ravi Shankar, we enrich your experience thoughtfully and arrange an evening cruise on a higher elevated boat for better views, decorated with marigolds and accompanied by the Benarasi musicians. The yearning tones of the Sitar or the Sarangi, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of the Tabla and the chanting of Mantras and tinkle of temple bells in the background are certain to make your experience divine.

Turban tying – Great Indian Turbanator/The Crown of Rajasthan
Turban tying has been an integral part of men's dress code in India. Once you venture into Rajasthan you see turbans of myriad bight colours from hot pink to khaki in hundreds of different styles and sizes. From the Royal Maharajas to the simple farmers, each had their own style, which changed at a distance of every hundred kilometers. And to complicate it all, different colours were worn at different occasions from wedding to mourning ceremonies. While Saffron was adorned during the battles and by Rajput Grooms, white and khaki are associated with mournings.

We offer you this famous Crown of rajasthan, one meter wide and only nine meters long. You may choose to learn the legendary Rajput style or any of your other favorites. Many of our leaders and local specialists can easily teach you how to learn to put on this unique headgear and take it back as a perfect souvenir from Incredible India.
The flying Fox
A thrilling aerial adventure tour as you zip past the shadows of the Heritage Mehrangarh Fort or the Neemrana fort. A totally adventure filled stunt experience worth a Bond movie. Enjoy breath-taking views as you fly down a series of ultra-strong steel zip lines, securely attached by a harness and pulley – propelled simply by gravity. Trained instructors accompany you to ensure your safety and entertain you with their local knowledge. A must for the Adrenalin rush seekers.
Hot Air Balloon – Romancing the skies/Navigating the skies/A sky waltz
When was the last time you did something for the first time? We give you an option of an exhilarating and soaring experience in the city of Jaipur, Udaipur and the Pushkar camel fair.

Get picked up in the cool morning and taken to the site where the balloons imported from USA are getting ready for your flight. Enjoy a hot drink and snacks and take some pictures before getting into the basket along with pilots from Europe and USA. Be mesmerized by the city of Jaipur as you fly over its riotous cocktail of colours, forts and palaces. Look at the tiny houses and the city's life as you fly over it. You are sure to hear the people and sounds under you as the Gods must hear from the heaven.
Culture/Spiritual Talk – Cultural Connection
India is a kaleidoscopic country with varied cultures, complex religions like Hinduism, rich classical art and music. Unlike the conventional visits, we give you a choice of understanding this ancient land and its complexities through the intellect of a master/professor on any of these subjects and enhance your insight on the cradle of civilization and philosophies of the East.
Mehrangarh By Night
As twilight descends on the historic fort of Jodhpur, the rugged impregnable walls and the delicate palaces come alive with a walk with the museum curator. Join Mehrangar. Museum curator as he takes you on a tour of the collection and shares his expertise and insights. Listen to the tales of sacrifice, of extraordinary events of adventure and sheer joy of discussing a painting or talking about the fort architecture with a glass of Champagne.
These are a few of our experiential activities, always delivered with a touch of refinement and luxury. Alternatively if you are coming to our destinations with a Wish list, we strive to deliver.
Some of the other experiences we have provided in the past include:
A visit to the folk and music festivals of India to the Cattle Fairs scattered across its plains.
A British Cemetery tour, from the Days of the Raj in Delhi.
A tour in the shanty towns of Mumbai and Delhi and how the NGO there is working on educating the young future of India there.
A visit to the folk and music festivals of India to the Cattle Fairs scattered across its plains.
Motor biking or cycling Tours offered in the Himalayas to the desert of Rajasthan.
Horse Safaris on the magnificent Marwari Steeds for a week or more and camp along the bush in luxury cottage tents.
Visit the Third Sex or Eunuchs of India.
Visiting the Elephant festivals of Kerala and swimming with the world's only Ocean swimming Elephant of the Andaman in its turquoise blue waters.
A day with the Tiffin or Daba wallahs of Mumbai, the ones who inspite of being uneducated, deliver millions of hot Tiffin everyday from Mumbai homes to their respective offices, making less than 6 mistakes in a million deliveries, prompting a case study on them in the Harvard Business School.
Visiting and experiencing a Full day in the life of the Rabari Tribesmen, semi nomadic shepherds of India.
An invitation to a Big fat and Grand Indian wedding.
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